The Glade

None of them will know the day I decide,to let go of hope and all of
my pride. Goodbye to childhood dreams,of fantasy and wishing,reality
came no longer am I fishing,for love, and happiness have gone far far
away. The reptilians are here and ready to stay. We are the children
of the lost, a ghost in the machine, all because they say I don't
have the right gene. Our world is destroyed everyone gone, just
like the soul and rhythm of my song. A cloned world, a replica
of the past, the children are disappearing ever so fast. We
look to the chosen to save us from death, but to our surprise,
they murder the innocent with each and every breath. A deal,
an alliance, a contract was made, and for the illuminati
a contract was paid. For every human and beast to fall on its
blade, and that's how Eden became known, as the deathly glade.

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