The Gleam of My Esteem

Once there was this period, and I remember it well.
My period of slow growth, my pure days of hell.
I just couldn't get started, being depressed and feeling low--
But I knew I had to get my energy to flow.
Then one day I beheld, and what do you know?
It was my cognitive thinking that had brought me so low.
I considered my sadness, then one day it seemed-
That the reason for my depression was my low self esteem.
I was granted a new chance, it was now mine to give--
My thinking's so clearly unlike cognitive.
Then I made up my mind, I wouldn't just sit there and grope--
My reasons to move forward would be grounded in hope.
What was this new reason? What ruled so supreme?
Then my friends told me, Gerald, you have high self esteem!
I'll now have to admit, I'll have to come clean,
About this external force that's giving me this gleam.
Ideas start to surface, my esteem started to grow,
Then my hand started to move and my face started to glow.
Thank God I came around and discovered self-worth.
Life was breathed in, and it gave me new birth.
I have a new outlook, and I know what it means
To walk with your head high, filled with high self esteem.
This is what I longed for, self esteem and self worth.
So I've made that real clear, in this next to last verse,
I feel that I'm a million, and suffice it to say--
With high self esteem, I'm well on my way!

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