The Glutton

Chicken and beans
Cucumbers and greens
I’ll consume every bite
With insatiable appetite

I eat odd food as well
Roasted armadillo shells
Smoked gizzards of ducks
Leave the feathers, don’t pluck

I once had the pleasure
Of tasting a treasure
Shark meat served in chunks
Hung to rot in large hunks

I eat common food too
How about a beef stew
Celery, onions, and salt
No potatoes? Your fault!

We can’t forget sweets
Chocolate’s a real treat
Melted down and then dripped
Over cream iced and whipped

Now listen to me
Wrap those ribs up in leaves
Bury them with hot stones
Til the meat slides off bones

Sharing food is a waste
Others consume with haste
Their food without savor
They miss out on flavor

But I’m in no rush
Between teeth I will crush
Peanuts, cashews, and almonds
Sometimes crusted on salmon

Fried turkey and yams
My eating won’t stop
Canned mushrooms and spam
Washed down with some pop

My favorite food’s burger
Served beneath melted cheese
I’d share the fries with you
But, I’d rather tease

I once ate over twenty
Did that satisfy tummy?
Room in stomach is plenty
Read the first stanza, dummy

Food is my obsession
The answer, already known
So don’t ask the question
And…go get your own.

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