The God Perspective

There is a point of view that no one knows.
A writing view, that is.

It's called the God Perspective.

In other words, the author's viewpoint.
This is, in our opinion, the most brilliant of the perspectives
As it allows us directly
To elucidate our so delicately schemed tale.

This 4th Point of View allows us
To explain the meaning hidden beneath each sentence and phrase
That fell under red ink and bled until papers wept crimson
Before they grew to their finish.

This view allows us to explain the agony of naming a character,
Scrolling through websites of Bobs and Carmellas and Gustavs
Before finding The One—a name that will shock a description
Into a thinking, talking, living creature in a foreign land.

Unfortunately, it is our words
Our audience wish to labor over,
Not our opinions.
So the 4th Point of View is known only to us authors.

So if you refuse to read another piece of such narration,
Then please at least take a moment to acknowledge the agony I felt
Mutilating my baby to meet this contest's character requirement.

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