The God Who Loves Me

I don't mean to pry, even though I know you inside and out.
I want to fill you with hope,
when you have nothing but doubt.
I want you to talk to me, and tell me your story.
I want you to know, my heart breaks for you.
If you release your hurt to me,
heart will feel like it can fly.
You can trust me, and you don't have to be shy.
The pain you have, I need you to show,
That way I can heal you and help you grow.
Don't worry; I'll hold you
while you're full of sorrow,
I'll keep all the tears you shed,
and give you hope for tomorrow.
For I created your inmost being, you were made in my image.
Life has given you so many scars,
more than any person deserves by far.
You think those scars have made you who you are.
If you run to me, I will heal your broken,shattered heart,
I am with you always,even when you feel like you drifted apart.
From you, no one can take all the pain away.
They can help, but I am the one
that will never leave you astray.
I can show you a love unlike any you have ever known.

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