The Goddess Complex

The Goddess Complex

It's not what you thought,
or what you imagined,
about being a Goddess on Earth.
You had the notion
it must be hard,
a challenge
having to listen to all the people
and their problems, their trials, their errors.
Them subconsciously expecting the Goddess to DO something for them,
to make their confused human lives,
a little more clear,
even when the Goddess herself is sometimes finding herself in a shrouded mist.
The difference being she knows how to get out.

The Goddess on Earth knows herself.
It's frightening how she's so incredibly aware
of her actions, reactions,
her thoughts and words,
image and appearance,
and relationships with others.
Many can sense, and even consciously know how interpersonal she is,
but only those sacred few who know her well
can sense her intrapersonality.
And only she can see the essential link,
perhaps the story to her success,
between the two intelligences.

The Goddess knows no limits.
Anything could become truth, science, or, for some, religion.
Who is the Goddess to say that other higher beings couldn't exist?
When she herself quietly believes in witches and spirits,
and fights demons.

The Goddess does have a few useful powers,
ones that may seem insignificant,
but have in fact saved herself and others in times of need.
Is it luck or coincidence?
She always knows the exact time of day,
and the precise direction in which she is wandering.
And, one must not forget, her ever-famous, self-claimed
as she likes to call them.
The not quite knowing, but perhaps inner sensing
that something is about to take place,
before it even happens.
Amazing, isn't it.

Attaining the higher meanings and messages of life is not a goal for the Goddess on Earth,
but something that has come naturally for her,
through deep and casual thought, observation, and research.
And she always uses these knowledges to her advantage.

One could think of the Goddess as selfish,
especially vain considering her obsession with mirrors.
But in truth,
it is her selflessness from which she feeds.
The Goddess feasts on the success and triumphs of others,
on any hint of satisfaction for themselves.
It is this that truly builds her up
high into the Earthly Heavens,
for that feeling,
a feeling she would live and die for,
of knowing that someone else is happy.
Especially if she had something to do with it.

She admits,
it is hard sometimes
being the only Goddess
in a world full of violent idiots.
She watches the Earth crumble,
people drowning in themselves,
into a pit of volatile destruction and chaos.
She wishes they knew
the higher truths of Life and Death.
The Earth would be a more peaceful place,
one in which we could all be Gods and Goddesses,
Angels and Spirits.

Even the Goddess is allowed to dream,
for she knows better than anyone
a dream is where it all begins.
And so,
the Goddess will continue to strive and fight,
to spread her knowledge,
especially to the little ones,
and to educate the demons of the world,
in order to enlighten not just her selfish self,
but to create a more selfless Earth.

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