The God’s dwell

The ready glow between orange lining the shining mist,
And the sweet gales in the dawn,
The rattling of bathing leaves which makes sound,
In the musical gist,
And the wet greens on under my feet,
The spourting greens on the brown uneven land,
The falling sliver from the rim of sky and clouds curl,
The pace of itself with the yellow known as sand,
Eventually the earth has its own miracle.

The colour in the Earth never fades ,
As it gives birth to them,
Red,blue and green and many other shades,
The purple brinjal,the red tomato,and the green stem,
The melancholy beauty of dark and golden mist of day,
The clear lake in the forest and cool shades of trees,
The colourful butterfly with patterns of gay,
The donkey's humour and happiness of being tease,
Nothing goes vacant in earth for nature knows
To fills it.

Nature is like mother for her chirping makes me up,
and her charm cools the laziness,
one who doesn't loves it the foolish loses the,
undefied peace and tranquility.

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