The Good News

I do not come to tell you of wicked ways
And of your consequential encounter with the creator's wrath.

I am not here to chide you, nor to lay out to your fate your inevitable path

I am not here to you to tell a preacher's tale;
That by faith and for faith must you live

I am not here to stir up your dearly held passions
And incite you into violent revolutionary action

I do not come with prophecies; neither good ones nor of doom
I do not come with lessons to teach from the past
I am neither a historian nor a prophet

I come with good news, not necessarily as Peter or Paul delivered it,
But as I live it.

I come with the news that spites my transgressions
The news in which I celebrate my passions
The news in which I escape nature's and her child’s highhandedness

The news of a special revelation
That by nature might we have come,
But not for nature must we live

I come to tell you the news of my life
Not to teach you how to lace tight in my shoes
But to inspire you to find comfort in yours.

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