The Grabbersnatch

Beware, my child, of the Grabbersnatch,

A terrible fearsome thing

That slinks in the shadows of darkened woods

And creeps through fields unseen.


With hunger always left unsated,

The Grabbersnatch depends

On eating creatures great and small,

To grab and snatch and binge.


Though voracious is the'Snatcher

That all wise and clever fear,

Never is left a gruesome visage

Except, perhaps an ear.


But even fearsome, terrible creatures,

Like that of the Grabbersnatch,

Have a weakness and a thing

That fears the fearsome back.


For though the night seems ever endless,

'Specially in moonless dark,

In the end the sun awakens

And drives the beast of nightmares off.


So if you hear a scritching-scratching

On your window late one night,

Heed a humble harkner's warning--

Give the Grabbersnatch a light!

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