The Grand Canyon

Miles and miles of a rocky stretch is dug into earth like a trench.
Also there's the sweet smell of cactus blossoms which fill the air.
Accompanied with this scent is the light of
the falling star which dazzles brightly in the surrounding dark,
and presents one of the world's wonders in a magnificent light.

Peering down into the mile long drop rises butterflies
swarming in protest, yet I'm excited in a way
that's impossible to explain. This stretch makes me see
how truly small and weak I really am.
Then I squint trying to see the other side.

Suddenly the sound of chuckling rapids reaches my ears
about a mile below, waving its white hands.
Its cheerful sound echoes off the towering walls
singing to my ears, only to cry good-bye
as I turn to leave.

A soft drone of a small plane announces its return home,
carrying tired passengers to hotels and other homes,
all of which are awed by their recent experience.
I then understand why it is called
the Grand Canyon.

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