The grand Ole'Mississippi

O'To the Mississippi the grandest river there is. That goes down through
Louisiana, all the way into the gulf. It’s grandest part is here in my heart,
it floats down through the park. Like a wonders of many things,
the grand old Mississippi lays barren almost to me. I notice,
not just the watery surface of the glory which is the river.
The river seeks out the message, as the riverboat goes down the river through the water,
all the way until they reach Louisiana. The old
river bends around the corner of the islands, the flow of the river.
Goes fast down, until it runs into rapids, the dams on the river.
Are to big to block it. It goes through cities of which is radiant in nature,
it’s nature's water the water is so emenit, and so radiant wonder.
I to see the true nature of it, the nature water is so called. The grand
ole Mississippi, sing to me in a song that I will sing along. I to wonder it,
I guess nothing at first but the true wonders of the splinter of second it could,
go away. The water flows like a traffic of people on the street,
the power of the water.
With it’s elegant base, and the trusting waters of the falls over the broken dams.
I to wonder it sometimes as I to think to myself, that good old song. The river,
it says it’s better off sleeping and it should be easy that’s all it should be.
The grand ole’Mississippi, runs all the way through to the gulf coast.
The elegant power of the glorious beauty of the true power, ever so wonders.
and beautiful, the flow of the water flows along the banks of the river.
The murky texture, and the dirty mucky watery surface. This water is so old,
even the natives have a name for it.
That I forgot all about it, it's wonderful moment it’s that first time
I saw my old friend. Was when I was a little boy, not any older than seven or eight,
when I met my friend. The river flows, where the fish go down
the river, to the shores of the river. The river boats,
steams goes down the river around the banks of the river, around the corner.
here’s to you ole’Mississippi, my old friend. As you’re long exhilarating
to witness, the true natures waters of the grand Mississippi is here. Sing
me a song and I’ll hum along to it. You teach me so much already, my dear
friend my river my murky muddy friend.
I to seen it happen as if it didn’t do, as the riverboat goes down the river all the way.
I to sit on the bench of the top deck, of the steamboat looking out at the
grand ole’Mississippi.

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This Poems Story

It's about me sitting on the riverboat looking out to the grand Mississippi River.