The Graveyard

Brand-new flowers replace old,
standing, staring in the cold.
Deep in thought I hear a creak.
I turn around to hear me speak.
"Who is there? What do you want?"
Only wind and leaves that love to taunt.
All around graves are kept
long ago where I had wept.
I returned to the spot I once did stand,
when I saw something odd, perhaps a hand?
Peering in closer, leaning to look,
my body plunged in with a grab like a hook.
Laying below stiff and cold,
face to face with something dark, smelly and old,
looking where eyes should be,
a dark cold shiver runs right through me.
Then appears an evil grin
with a laugh that came from its decaying skin.
Unexpectedly he vanishes from sight,
and all I see is me falling in fright.
I awoke with a scream!
A quick jerk with a hit to the head,
I glance around, can this be?
I'm in a coffin and not in a dream.

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