The Gray Place

A place where it's not this way or that
It's not as simple as saying yes or no
It's the Gray Place
In this place it's always maybe,
It's yes, but
It's no, but
The Gray Place, isn't gray
It's hues of orange, yellow, purple, blue, green
It's lemongrass, peppermint, lavender, pine, rain
This place isn't indecisive
It's just open-minded
It's a place with rules that no one wants to break
The Gray Place,
Is not gloomy
It's not robotic or sad
This place: where no one is angry because they're wrong
It's nestled in a valley between two large mountains
It's bundled between agreement and misunderstanding
The Gray Place,
Is not "The Giver"
It's not "Anthem"
The Gray Place is compromise
It is patience
It is listening
The Gray Place isn't weak
It is strong because it knows when to give and take

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