The Great Debate

The Great Debate

People often argue
About women and men
How they should be
What they should say
The right way to love
The wrong way to live
What to keep, what to give

I hear men say
The ideal woman
Has this shape not that
Talks low not loud
Is not too proud
And always feeds
On her man's needs

I hear women say
The perfect man
Is tall and slim
He knows what to say
Any time of the day
He lives for her pleasure
And would never betray

Both sides make their lists
Sometimes showing their fists
Always aware of their rights
And trying hard to avoid fights
Political correctness is a must
It is the only thing they trust

Then one day truth arrives
And the old vocabulary dies
It can't hold boundless love
A man and woman find silence
And share a bliss they never knew
The words of yesterday fall short
Of defining this rediscovered port
Making the debate irrelevant
And distant from the true event

At this point many miss the debate
The treasure found can't be defined
For this it is not given space
And they go back to the race
Of things defined and labelled
Of hearts empty and disabled
Of buying love at a good rate
Within the great debate

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