The Great Divide

The blasphemy contradicts the intelligence of the 1%
As the absence of silence awakens the mind in the end
No Holy Spirit unless that’s a reference
Towards you and your presence
The Human dream, We’re all in this
Not the American, There is no difference
We’re all muscles and tendons
Nerve endings, bones and skin
A person is a person who cares the pigment
Not a thing but an energy breathing, living, show sentiment
Do more then exist, it’ll take you a distance
We all deserve to live different from the present
A life shouldn’t come with a price but as you’ve witnessed it did
We’re all limitless despite appearances
We’re all chefs in the kitchen
It’s not about image you’re missing the importance
Looking close up at the image,ignorant
You’re never zooming out,tsk tsk
Oblivious to the whole assessment process,I digress
So guess we’ll just accumulate resentment
Well all be roommates poisoned with hateful opinions
Treading water till it’s raising several inches every second
Where we all end up drowning in the abysmal darkness

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