“The Great I Am”

Humans must seek forgiveness for they don't know what they're doing
In disbelief some laugh and shun the revelations of which the messengers are construing.
It was the same back in Ancient times so We know it is nothing new
even though Man is such a small creature He insist on biting off more than He chew.
All these fine worldly pleasures makes Some proud with upraised heads
But All should Heed the Hills and Trees warnings of a Coming day that is Dread.
Of all the things to Be Disobedient is chosen the absolute Most
But the Truth is patient and willing for truth's strength is the Lord of Hosts.
Everyone should consider this Life Some bring destruction as they go ramble
Remember,True Justice stands for One and All when many Lives do end in the gambles.
Man's truly reckless in His conduct for Good Morals are rarely being taught
Now He prepares to war against Jah We know it's destruction He's craved and sought.
With much,much less talk,in actions He should quickly make true Amends
Must stop associating in this world's idleness then the small Truth can apprehend.
World,You must hear We,There's only One controller so All idols best scram
To this very day controlling Good and Evil Yes,None save Jah The Great I Am! Amen
Psalm 337 Negus David

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