The Great War

The Great War

Every thought is a battle,
Every breath is a war,
And I don't think I'm winning anymore.
When did just being alive become such a chore?

Will I be ready for what's in store?
Can I pick myself up off the floor, and find a way back to that forgotten place,
Where I once felt part of the human race?
Or am I forever lost in this empty space?

I can't let this be the end,
With so much broken I must mend.
Without goodbyes and without friends.
Without purpose, without peace,
I won't rest until I find release and once again stand tall and proud.
Move with a purpose and live life out loud.

Time to transcend this world and live in the clouds,
Where I write the words and hear the sound of beautiful music playing along inside of my ears.
Bringing me joy while erasing my fear of the world below.
Revealing all things that are important to know so that I can live like a warrior and reap what I sow.

Life is all about the choices we make as well as what path we choose to take.
So rest easy knowing your life is yours to make
And that you are much more than the sum of your past mistakes.
Do all things with passion or not at all. Always make the jump without fearing the fall.
Have love in your heart and when destiny cries answer the call.
Remember these things and believe in yourself. Put the past away high on the shelf.
Be who you are and not someone else.

Because in the end one thing’s for sure,
There are no do-overs or miracle cures, so resist the easy path and all its allure.
Be ready and willing to struggle and fight and you will endure
Whatever it takes to win this Great War.
Then rest easy when the fire comes knowing your life was pure.

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