The Greatest Love

Grandma once told me that the greatest love was love granted by God, But something tells me that Grandma doesn't know about the lust that runs through these school yards, like the high yella pretty eye fella I met the other day, he have me running anytime of the day, with kisses so sweet and that skin so soft, he was simply my everything, that's why multiple breaths left when I heard of his death, so then i prayed hoping that God would reverse this because now I have a baby on the way, but I don't think god heard me, so now these oceans my eyes have created drown me, and grandma if the greatest love is the love granted by God then why would he take my love away, didn't he know this would happen, that one night the friction of skin would begin granting my body with an sensation like any other, only to leave me bearing a child as a single mother, grandma why, why do I have to bear this child alone, why did god take the only love i've known, why? if the greatest love is love granted by God, than why would he take my love away

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