The Greatest Truth

If you change you, your world will change, too...
Whether to millions, dozens, or maybe just a few.
See, I once heard something said that had my mind blown:
"The smarter you get, the less you know."
However, one day it hit me, these words might be true.
To think we know everything could be no virtue.
Once you understand that there are things greater than you,
You will also observe that you become greater, too.
Yet there lies a scary reality-my whole motivation.
This world that we live in has spun out of rotation.
A world that was once filled with festivity.
Got destroyed by this one horrid word: Negativity.
Everything happens in your life as a result of what you think;
It's not miracles, magic, or one big coincidence.
If you think good thoughts, then good things are near...
If bad thoughts consume you, all good disappears.
What you think you attract, there's no denying this,
So when your thoughts become joyful, your life becomes bliss.
Life was meant to be beautiful, a place free of harm.
But take one look at this world; this should be your alarm.
When you break it all down, the answer becomes clear.
To achieve our own happiness, we must do the one thing we fear:
Believe you'll be great, believe you'll succeed;
From this condemning, cold world, believe you'll be freed.
If you don't change, and change the world, too,
Then trust me when I say: the world will change you.

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