The Green of Leaves

Here sleeps the sun in autumn's wake
of leaves once green as branches shake
the red and orange of fiery tears
now golden as the yesteryears

Where melodies of birds once rang
from sea to sea, the tides that sang
or was it just the tender breeze
singing through the skies with ease

But oh I know I heard the score
the softest sound from shore to shore
as waves rose high and warm and strong
and so my heart could hear no wrong

Was it but a whisper then
that woke the clocks now and when
it took from me the palest light
of innocence once lily white

How careless was this sleepy love
born of the sun, the moon above
hangs low in silent skies this night
I wish I may I wish I might

Dream a dream to fill this room
with lilies gracefully in bloom
and sunlit songs ruffling the trees
that still invites the green of leaves

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