The Grey Box

Grey hinged concocted of a feeble ruining
It's attributes decisevly assimilate the quaint transmission of dust into substance
Upon the liars guild it bestows it's captor of grace with famine and pestilence of the human heart
Bestowing upon the wealth of devil's and God's heaven to all who possess it's dark intrincic beauty
Steel carved serpents meeting gracefully on each siding
Rising in a stealth quaintness to encompass the form of the box's arrogant charms
Lighting dust into submission
Sifting the breath of ancients into the bluish tones that sadden the hint of its greyish companionship
Draped by night and twilight to shimmer in an unyielding journey
To form the crescent handle that angels clench to deliver to the pit of mourning
For there it incubates it's untold power
It's reign of transferring restlessness in the palm of it's own lifeless heartbeat
Buried beneathe snow and ice
Twinkling it's rare beauty through the reflective properties of it's stale enchanted prison
For within it's grasp it possesses a throne of hopelessness
Four chambers within that vanquish the message of crafted banal integrity
To unleash upon the touch of human equations
Kissing the earth to grant it's finders darkest request
It's lining the shape of a devil's heartbeat
Satin black internally pulsing of death and trembling now imposed richly
Awaiting the disclosure of it's branded inward contents
Commenting with a song that silently dispels an ominous tone
Alerting it's finders plaque of friendship within it's carried grasp
Placed upon the marriage of shelf and dust
Propositioned by death to fury the obsolete questioning of human desires
Wrapped feverishly in the sickness of three wishes that discard there urgent plea
Releasing shadow and heartache into the lavish kingdoms of a human grafting
Before joining with that flesh in oneness as the price of it's petitioning
Granted by an ordered chaos left quickening the gauntlet of complaining liars
Whispered into the ears of demon hardship placed within the soul of a selfish man

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This is about "A grey box" .. My writings are to be interpreted by the reader in whatever way it speaks to them...