The Grove of Make-Believe

As I wake out of my slumber,
I feel the world has run asunder.
Havoc everywhere I look as it fills me with dread.
As I lay my head upon my bed,
I turn to the news instead but,
Time and time again you see,
The world is bigger than just you and me.

I look out my window as if to say,
Today is such a beautiful day.
But as I look again I cannot comprehend,
Why everyone in this life continues these cycles once more.
I wish to slam the door on such monstrous endeavors, but
Once again the people spin the stories of one another.

People will come and go while the bad ones stay,
what's good about life they make it hard to say.
But if you overcome the pain and strife you realize that there's more to gain from pain.
But then you start to realize that you're the one to blame.

For all the pain you've caused others that made them want to leave
But all you ever wanted was to have them in your sea.
Your world seems to crumble as you realize all you've done,
And now you start to think that you are the only one.

But don’t cry young child no don't shed a tear,
Because you are not the only one who has these types of fears.
Your world will soon remold into the beautiful grove u deserve,
The trees will sing a melody while you sit down on the curve.

The curve will lead if you follow to the grove of make believe,
Where the healthiness of everyone one is taken into concern.
Nobody’s hard earned work will burn and riots will be no more,
As long as you, my child will stay in the world a little more.

Just take the time to realize what would happen if your gone,
The trees would lose their song and the grove would not live on.
But if you chose to stay young one the rain would pour once more,
Making the trees and gardens lush with fruit to make you whole once more.

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