The Guiltless Eve

With the apples always dangling,
I don't shy away anymore
To confess, that I am eve too.
I've never felt this comfortable
Succumbing to my temptations;
As my weak fingers structure into a
With renewed power,
As I shout my empty lungs out in rebellion,
Against the false societal expectations.
I spit in the eye of the Holy.
For now, I've learned to love the black of MY eye
Love, my own light
Which I know has attracted more moths than butterflies.
I have grown so addicted to the burns
That the warmth of the known comfort makes me itchy.
I have developed a taste
For stench, so intense
That the smell of vanilla makes me puke.
I have learned, to love - the blood, the scars and
All the parts, I'm not "supposed" to love,
So bad, the sight of anything WHOLE
Tangles my gut. Never,
Have I felt this comfortable
Dreaming of a place
Even hell is against of.

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