The Guilty Innocent

As you sit there in your room
Wondering why it ended so soon
You devise a plan to kill his mood
A plan so diabolical and cruel

You aim your finger in his face
As the court room erases his fate
And throws him away.

As you laugh after it all
As you walk down the hall
Hes on his knees as he falls
After they close the bars

He is stuck with your mistake
As he lies awake
Without a single word to say
He is covered in pain

He becomes empty inside
You stripped him of his pride
A huge piece of him died
All because you lied

So now he lets loose
He takes the lace off his shoes
With no hesitation he moves
The chair and hangs by the noose

Maybe you should use common sense
The false accusations did some damage to him
Everyone doesn't know what you did
But he is The Guilty Innocent.

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