The Gummy Bear Digression

the smell of pine, exhaust, and grime, to fill my nose so grim.
the yard I work to beat my brow, and fill my mouth with bread.
Twas there I heard a question asked so obscure did tease my brain
the man scoffed as he riddled us, a hint of cinnamon on his breath.
"Why smile so the gummy bear, when to death it goes?"
"Its head goes first and with its neck and then I chew the torso."
"Why not a frown, a cry, or scream, show on its sweet red face?"
"What twisted world, what trickery, it smiles on dooms door steps?"
I responded with the only thing that seemed to catch my thoughts
It wasn't an answer but another quip, provoked by a bewildered mind.
"Have there been those like the bears, killed and happy to die?
"Like the bears, with doom and despair, shown smiles on their lips?
"No", said one, "no thing could exist, none are so candid to die."
"Death is happy in its proper time, no leaf unturned in life."
" the sad are those, whose time run short, from disaster and from foe"
"With much to do, like the morning dew, their life fades into air."
"True", said I as I understood, it all became so clear.
No such a thing could ever exist, nor such a life forgot.
That precious life that someone took, that gateway to beyond.
And so I pose the question still, that provokes the light of death.
Why do you think the gummy bear smiles, as it meets a terrible death?
Maybe it smiles to remind us so, why we should smile whenever we go?
Or our world digressed to a gloomy low, when death arrives we frown?
That those find joy that all will end,that they won't be around?
And is death the gate for all who wait, to light and worlds unbound?
Simple lesson, wise in truth, amongst the pine, exhaust, and grime.

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