The guy i would like to know

I used to dream about puppies and rainbows, but now I dream of you and the places we'll go

I used to write to you all the time, but only in mind, cause I never really meant you till now

That dark brown hair, your big white simile, blew me away every time I looked into your eyes

People used to say fighting got you though the tough times and brought you closer together, but really its the love you both give to each other

I used to want to run far away from everyone and everything, but what I didn't realize was, I was running from my problems and the people who loved me the most

But when you say you love me, I feel like you trying to shut me up. But when your gone I see you really do love me , cause there is something missing in my heart and that's you

I used to say no all the time, cause of the people who hurt me. Until you came along and stole my heart, and now I say yes

People used to tell me I couldn't and I believed them

Why it beats me, but one time I tried and made it, and now I'm finally me

But no one like me, but you

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