The guy in my dream

I remembered my dream last
It’s odd cause I never really do
I woke up this morning my mind just kept racing cause all I could think bout was you
Your name that’s something I couldn’t find out
When I screamed out and called out to you
But your goal was just to protect me so I wasn’t a stranger to you
Bout 6 feet 2 and tall and skinny
The curls on your head bounced too
The way that you looked at me
Is like you just saw an angel come through
I remember my dream last night
I remember the feelings too
How I felt so safe
How you listened to me
It wasn’t too good to be true
I remember your smile but not your face
Its like somethings blocking me from you
The more that I try the more that it slips
But I’m trying to hold onto you
I remember how when you left
My whole world broke into two
Leaving was not in your mind unless death came racing to you
Which it did and it hurt
Tried to save you yet it didn’t work
I was hurting I was mad
I called out to you but you were dead
I remembered my dream last night
And all I wish of is you
This person that I don’t know exist
But that person in my dreams was you
I’m trying to think and understand
I wanna know this mystery man
I want to find you
And hold you tight
And say I love you
Cause I couldn’t that night
I met my soulmate I think I did
It was sign I’m not joking I wont kid
All the magic you brought to me
All the peace, the sincerity
I remembered my dream last night
Something I never really do
But today I’ll take my time to find out if what I’m missing is you

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