The Half Full Toast

Here is to all
Forging trails of the unwritten,the unread
Holding out for the few dear lines left unsaid
It grows more than plant and seed
We mark our time so all may feel it
Living the lives of a poet
Here is to us
Those who indulge in the search for beauty
Who frame pages in a sense of personal duty
It strikes more than want or need
Fingers flow emotion as words compete
Until our message lands on complete
Living this life of a poet
Here is to none
Without a surprise in their Cracker jack
Coloring inside the lines never straying off track
It cuts more than I can bleed
Not living the lives of the poet
Here is to you
With raised glasses and liquid lines high
Stay half full and describe your goodbye
It brings more than just beauty to greed
You shine a light upon life as you know it
That is the life of a poet

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