The Half-Mast Flag

A flag waves eternally at half-mast,
Calamity after calamity it attempts to outlast,
Without the strength to stand up anymore tall,
It is still determined to withstand any fall,
It guards the sky ever attentive to watch,
The day the flag won’t get a single more notch,
Time and again we have been through a struggle,
But we believe in a greatness that never will fumble,
But this time is different as now we will see,
We can no longer keep living our fantasy,

We watch the singularity of courage and foolishness,
Paving the way for something more numinous,
When consciousness reveals the truth of the matter,
Then our illusions of exceptionalism will finally shatter,
They realize it is foolish to love something so ominous,
While those across the sea cry, “Please stop bombing us!”,
It is a privilege to be just so blind to the truth,
And to shatter an illusion is like pulling a tooth,

Upon eons of blood our flag did witness,
And at no point did it care to pray for the victims,
It continued to wave bravely at full-mast,
While we instituted a system of colonialist caste,
But now we stand at the wake of disaster,
And hopefully now we will turn on our masters,

Ghosts seeping into the ground of a once-great society,
Reminding us all of our greatest impiety,
For not just did we rob the world of their value,
We built our society on a morality vacuum,
It was the ownership of one man by another,
Indeed we failed to treat them like brothers,

It is not just the rest of world we abuse,
Our very own are kept in a noose,
And it isn’t even all whites who prosper,
Since so many of them live in poverty clusters,
Those who profit are the same who disdain,
Freedom, democracy, and for us to unchain,

They stand at the end zone and convince us we’re great,
So we never stop to question our fate,
For if there truly is a god of morality,
Certainly he cannot stand for all this fatality,
They sell us everything including patriotism,
And try to convince us the enemy is socialism,
And without any regard, we believe it’s true,
Since somehow having healthcare will make us a zoo,

It finally took disaster to come to our front door,
For us to wake up and yell out, “No more!”,
We will not play the game of fake nationalism,
No half-mast flag can maintain imperialism,
The seeds of destruction we inherent all along,
And it took a pandemic to finally show us we were all wrong

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