The Halls

I Walk through these halls everyday.
The waiting area seems so welcoming and
inviting. I feel the sun shining on my face.
I feel at piece. Everyday people come in to
get the worse news here.
There's never any good news at this place.
There's always someone sick or dying every week.
There's always about ten to fifteen people that have pass away.
What can I do? What can I say? I feel sadness and pain.
I wonder if this feeling will ever go away.
My heart aches for them and their families.
It comes with no warning.
One day your fine, living your life then your life's
turned upside down. Cancer comes and it doesn't care how
old you are, what race you are. It's on a mission to diminish
and destroy your heart, your mind, and your soul.
Everyone here is so brave. Both patients and staff. There's
no way out. Everyday I smile they can't see the pain. There's
so many wonderful people here with friendly faces. You have no idea
how far a smile can go. Sometimes a smile can make your whole
day. I know them they know me. Some people come in everyday of
the week, others are here every two or three
weeks. I know them by name. It's always so quiet here.
Why is that? It's like you can feel the death in the air.
Who's next? It never ends, it's always around everywhere.
I walk through these halls everyday.

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