The Hand

Trying to grasp something that's impossible to hear
Feeling the weight of my failures, I feeling so insecure
Trying to find something that cannot be found
Then missing a step and falling fast towards the ground

Skipping a beat in a song that's off tune
Going up to a solid wall in hopes to see through
Jumping towards the sun thinking you can fly
Saying you can do something, and you don't even try

Slipping on ice when it's not even there
Looking at God and screaming it's not fair
Holding on to something so tight and refusing to let go
Looking at a pure white lily and suddenly there is snow

Singing to the willows and your voice falters away
Going up to someone important and not knowing what to say
Dreaming of somewhere else you could be
And then waking up, and are no longer free

Feeling he breeze and it suddenly goes cold
Feeling so young but are growing so old
Smelling a rose and taking in the sweet incense
Feeling so free but captured in a trance

Trying to write but your pen is in chains
Trying to love but only shatters remain
Trying to show someone how much you care
Then looking up, and they are no longer there

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