The Hand

In one tight squeeze of your hand, all of your love was revealed.
In that one moment, I knew just how you felt.
The love flowed from your heart,
assuring me that we will never really part.
You had to leave this world,
and say goodbye to the ones you held dear-
and I was left to face my greatest fear.
How could I go on with a life without you?
What would I do? My mom, she was the rock that I leaned upon,
the one person who really understood.
Now it was all so hopeless and unfair,
while the rest of the world seemed to continue on without a care.
But looking back, I know I can find renewed strength.
I just remember that moment, when her hand squeezed mine so tight-
when all the words she wished to say were right there,
and the feelings that we could share.
All I had to do was listen with my heart
and squeeze her hand in reply,
a daughter's love which will never die.

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