The Handprint

?????The Handprint
By: Jocelyn Sorensen

I woke up one morning
With a handprint on my chest
I wondered to myself
Who could have touched me while I slept?

I looked around my room
Nothing seemed out of place
I looked towards the window
And the sun danced upon my face

All was still and quiet
As I stumbled out of bed
I knelt in humble prayer
And bowed my weary head

I asked, Dear Heavenly Father
What have you done to me?
What makes you think it was I?
He said hearing my plea

Who else could have left
This mark upon my skin
It tingles at my touch
And goes down deep within

My child do not worry
The pain you feel won’t last
For all your sins and shortcomings
I have now placed in your past

I took your broken body
And fixed your hardened heart
I softened it with my hands
And kept you from falling apart

Your spirit was badly beaten
Barely hanging by a thread
If I had not intervened
It surely would be dead

I healed you with my love
While you rested in the night
All I ask you in return
Is to always choose the right

Some choices will seem easy
But your journey will be a test
You’ll beg for tender mercies
And try to do your best

When life seems at its lowest
And you sink below the rest
Don’t forget what I have taught you
And remember my handprint on your chest

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