The hangover

I dread you in the morning, the pounding in my head. My mouth is dry like the cracks on a desert bed. As I lie awake, I crave a drop of water to soak the pain away. Sweet intoxication, could you have warned me that I’d feel like this today?

I fell for your deceit. Last night you made me think the world at peace. I was uplifted by my friends. Problems solved, wars were put to rest.

I clinked you with your fellow mates, cheered you on and on, but today I feel the pounding in my head and the dryness in my mouth like a web of cotton balls. Was it all in vain that I feel like this today?

Foolish me not to heed your warning. You stayed cold in my hand throughout the night. I tried to warm you, but instead, you heated me. A lesson learned too late.

Then the party stopped. The lights went up, and everyone was gone.

I must have been seduced by my own sleep. I lie in bed with no regrets, but the pounding in my head is a reminder not to fall for you again.

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