The Happiest of all Times.

When you can’t seem to figure out what is exactly wrong,
It could be because you’ve seen only bad for so long.
Maybe you should start to see what may be the hardest,
But the positives in life always stay positive regardless,

These are the thoughts that bring you back from the deep,
The deepness of darkness that can be hard to release.
Not because you like the feeling of pain,
But because you forgot what’s it’s like after the rain.

When the rainbow comes out and lights up the sky,
That’s the feeling of a natural high,
A natural high that not everyone can feel,
But whenever I’m here, it’s like this place can heal.

It can heal any pain of the body and mind,
Just from the vibes of the late night grind.
With the strum of those strings and the beats of the drum,
The sounds of music make me feel the best kind of numb.

That kind of numb that’s an out of body experience,
It’s the kind that speaks to me with plain sheer brilliance,
You have to be here to know what it’s like,
The people, the music, the land and the lights,

It’s all part of the amazing adventure,
That everyone should strive to try and venture,
You come out of it feeling enlightened and refreshed,
It sets you off for a year of success.

So that way when you’re all down on life,
All you need is a reminder of these nights,
The ones that we spend lost in the woods,
For a week in paradise, it’s the greatest good.

That special time of year when we all get to see,
The Heron come alive, there’s nowhere I’d rather be,
It’s almost as if I can be there right now,
By closing my eyes, to picture myself under the bough.

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