The Happy Game

If you look in the mirror what do you see,
I see my reflection looking back at me.
My nose is too big , my eyes are too small,
But that's not the worst of it all.
My arms full of scars are to ugly to show,
The long sleeves help cover so nobody will know.
My feet are too big, my thighs are too thick
To look in the mirror just makes me sick.
Why can't I be like her skinny as can be
I wouldn't have to worry about what people see.
My smile looks too true to be fake,
I keep on smiling for my own sake.
People don't ask if there is something wrong,
I keep looking happy all day long.
But the "happy" starts fading after awhile
And i find its much harder to fake a smile.
Every night the tears stream down,
That fake smile turns into a frown.
All the time insomnia keeps me awake,
Sometimes it's too much to take.
Everyday I repeat the same,
I just keep on playing the "happy" game.

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