The Hardest Part

What's the point of being with someone,
you know is not the one?
Forcing yourself to have feelings that in reality do not exist.
Convincing yourself, you are in love.
When the person you truly love
is in love with someone else.
Patiently awaiting the moment of acceptance.
The moment in which the feelings become mutual.
While momentarily settling for "good" or "okay."

Everytime you kiss,
your heart is somewhere else.
Your mind wanders
to the pink pale lips that you desire.
The dark luscious hair you want to brush your fingers through.
Holding your feelings in to save the friendship that still exists.

But the hardest part is not concealing your love.
The hardest part is not waiting for them to love you back.
The hardest part?
Waiting for something that may never happen
and watching the person who makes you happy,
be happy in someone else's arms.

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This Poems Story

I am a senior at St. Charles High School. Originally, I started writing to get stuff off my chest or relieve stress. Everything I wrote I kept to myself until I took creative writing. Since then I started writing poems about anything that pops into my head. My inspiration is always a situation that either someone close to me or myself has experienced.