The Harlequin

The harlequin, without a sound
tries to make the king laugh in jest,
behind his costumed diamond frame
he juggles his life in test.

he’s the King's buffoon
always answering soon
with a hardihood of comedy.
then the wave of a hand
issues the royal command,
for him to “be off,
or be off with his head.”

Then the trick of a clown
going continuously around
as he sidesteps out of sight,
then tripping at will
he keeps the balls circling, still
bows, much to the King’s delight.

Then a smirk appears
under his painted face
while he pantomimes the fool,
for knowing he’s not
just playing the part,
it's the King's head, the reason
of his scheming plot.

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Key Words : Story, Life, Harlequin, Revenge, King

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This Poems Story

Climbing the ranks in society, as one acts the way they are told, up to the point that they won\\\'t take anymore and plan to get even.