The Harmony of Life

As I wake,
The moon ‘unshines.’

I hear your voice,
It's like a chime,

And I know, it sounds in pride.

Even though the chimes still sound,
They play a tune that's dreadfully bound.

As the chimes, they're still dreading,
I think, “It should have been me, not you who's now heading

To the land of the dead.”

As the chimes, they stop talk,
I pace, I walk.
I can't get you out of my head.

I start to whine, I start to cry,
“I don't wanna say goodbye!”

I just can't express, can't explain how I feel,
I can only just wish you had lived, you would heal.

You were my rhythm,
You were my beat.
You helped me to keep my cool through the heat of my issues.

You were the casket to hold all my thoughts,
And now that you're gone, so are the tissues.

You were my hymn,
You were my rhyme.
Light lit or dimmed, thoughts bad or good,

I loved you the whole time, even when no one else would.

When with you, I was ecstatic,
My love for you was automatic.
No buttons, levers, or even switches.

No need for the movies, you were my ticket.

When chimes chime there are plenty, of that I'm sure.
But all I can think are the thoughts of yours.

The sky renewed black,
This happens real fast.
My sorrow for you,
I know it's not passed.

You lit my world, when it was dim.
You were my “him,”
My other limb, and all that I needed.

Once you were gone,
My heart just receded.

You're as beautiful as the harmony of a million chimes;
All that I needed, all of the time.

I want to thank you for all that you've done,
And I wanted to say, “I love you, hun.”

I hope that in Heaven,
You're treated real well.
And the people you meet?
I hope that they're swell.

I love you so much,
With all of my heart.
Now that you're gone,
I feel I'm missing all part.

Once more, I'd like to mention:

I love you more than ever.
I love you beyond your comprehension,
Always and forever.

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