The Haters

I use the haters words for my inspiration, mad because I leave no room in my mind for their infiltration. I leave them stuck on their contemplation and I got enough food for thought more so I can feed a nation.
My names on their tongue they making me into a local celebrity. I don't take the haters personally, they just haters cause they envy me.
Subconsciously they make me into a God cause I'm everywhere, kneel down kiss my ring many stop and stare.
Nice guy until they make the dark side come out, now they running scared. Ears ringing all day like wind chimes, plotting against me they rehearsing and reminding one another, remember your lines.
But all the plotting and planning won't help cause I'm blessed from the divine. I'm a Demigod I stay on my grind. I can smell fake like I smell cake but I play it politics and I leave no room for debate. Better buy some better running shoes cause your running late.I have a lot of food for thought here sit down have a plate.See I always keep 5 plans on the table A, B, C, D, and E, I make sure no matter what I win regardless ya'll haters can't (C) me.

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