The Head and the Hairspray

Wisps sit frozen upon Trump's head,
Never shifting, solid as lead.
They guess: made of monkey, or bird.
Yes, these opinions are absurd.
Strong gales cannot uproot his hair.
Hardy: the hairspray brand I bare.
Whether stormy, or sunny, this
Misty bottle will offer bliss.

In the lonely space we share, my
Hold will not allow awry,
Only spray a heavy coat
This one thing I highly promote.
Showers can not be prevented,
My love for you cemented.
Permanence: my soul aches solely,
For you to not suffer lonely.

Beauty lies in the wild unknown
Upon thine quaintness my mind roams.
This awe-inspiring wonderment
Instills thoughts I do not repent.
These thirsty deserts I shall stride
For a grain of hope thou provide.

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