The Heart

The red pulsating organ beats like a drum.
Every single beat makes it seem like the world stops.
So simple yet so complex,
that when looked from above
the lines and tubes form the perfect composition.
You make it seem like each vein is an addition.
Each step you take is with precaution,
and your impeccable work is another story for another time.

Your commitment to beat every second is applaudable,
Yet when the time comes the claps always seem inaudible.
I know that a colony of ants is nothing compared to the hard work you do.
Your tireless efforts to revitalize every crevice seems so surreal.
From time to time your actions represent the perfect ideal.
With you by my side, I know that my luck is like a four-leaf clover.
Your commitment and dedication to carry out your duties,
brings light on the darkest nights.

One day I do hope that you get the credit you deserve.
I know that somewhere in the long road ahead you will fade away.
That is when everyone will remember you the most.
They will all care about you when you're gone,
Just remember that you were there from the start.
You faced hardships from the very beginning and kept going
till the dust disappeared.
When that black day comes, think back, did you thank the heart?

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