The Heart Collector

When I found you, my heart was small and fragile;
Splintered and cracked on the verge of combustion
You were the light that filled my soul with love;
Sadly only for a short while.
You became distant, my dreams fading;
Our tinder extinguishing.
With my small frail heart, I loved you;
I loved you with every broken miniscule piece.
You collected all those little pieces;
Unknowing of their return.
You placed those pieces in your back pocket;
Turned and walked away.
Build higher, I must build my wall higher;
With no path way to my heart.
With my broken pieces, you left one last time;
Leaving me with no more to give or keep.
Behind my wall I hide my empty chest;
Where my pieces used to be.
I was robbed once again,
By a heart collector.

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