The Heart Has A Hole For E’ery Theory of Love

When I open my eyes to worlds darker than
night, lemonade stands out of sight,
your blanket covers.

This gift of uncertainty has pulled me towards
your mystery.
You grapple and hook my heart like roots of okra.

Are you the ghost of yesterday, or
Mystic marmalade this moment?
The song, or the secret it plays?

My burden is but broken breastbone
from a swollen heart, heating the stove
where you stir holy and homely–hot air balloons

How many oceans of fire have burned my skin?
Anything left, because you keep coming back again…
Dragon whiskers survive the flame.

The fern follows your footsteps,
My watch keeps ticking with towels you wrap me;
and llamas lay naked to feast on your wilderness.

The moon splits your lips into sapphire/
My skin (it’s snorting your yellow)
Rivers run dry when you walk away.

Their dust, nothing but kin of kinds of crickets,
Breaking silence with trill and triumph;
Holidays, always on vacation til wind speaks your name.

And beauty can slice illusion,
but the beast, no cure for Beauty.
You dance where only spirits can.

In a vase, at graves, roaming free,
roses sway merrily. My love,
I assure you I don’t force answers, patiently marooned…

For I don’t tell time; time tells you.
I am stung, swindled and swallowed,
perhaps perfect for you

Only takes one twig to build a home,
and your hands, Bearer of everything I don’t know,
holding my soul softly, silent, silver and gold.

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Key Words : Heart, Lips, Roses

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This Poems Story

This is my natural expression of love: potent, tender, and better than my ego could pretend.