The Heart-Lacerating Holocaust

The Germans treated the Jews in an awful way
I don't even know what to say
The Jews had beautiful farms with yellow hay
But the Nazis burnt their farms in one day
The Jews were not in a state of allay
They formed more than one secret military array
They reacted emotionally on the first day
They reacted physically after several days
They destroyed Nazi trains that the Nazis drove on railways
The Nazis didn't know it would be a fray
They didn't think they would soon pay

There were the schindlers whom were the rescuers
They rescued many people from the Nazi hurlers
Who didn't care for Jewish ers (caring for environments)
They never ever respected Jewish sirs

It was the end
The Nazis were in a state of rend
They had money for the Jews to lend
The Nazis had no time to fend
Hitler is in the other world where no way to return to prevent
Between the Jews there was and till now a great merriment

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