The Heart Of A Romantic

I can't eat or sleep anymore, because of words on my brain won't rest.
It's because i need her, i want her my desire for her like i never had.
I gotta go & be with the love of my life, and to share with her with all that i'm thinking.
With all the splendors that's so rightfully ours to share with eachother right now i knew i felt.
I will get up now because it's my time to act with LOVE, when some find it so important to say.
And my quest to partake in romance that way.
And all the warmest feelings i deeply have & the kind that'll take her breathe away, only real women may never ask in the moment that is.
I'll do anything for the love of my life in reason & she knows i will because we truly love eachother.
Truly i'll do anything for her because i love her, all she needs to do is ask me, LORD knows i will.
I've had dreams of taking her to many beautiful places that's been on our minds & sweep her off her feet every step of the way.
Places where i'll get to serenade her like the queen she is & rekindle our time we've never had a chance until now.
In reward, awaiting will be her heart for me to have, that i believe she'll sincerely give me within a second.
And I'll be waiting in that moment for her sweet, sweet kisses, that i sincerely longed for each day.
Safe we feel very much in eachother while we held in our warm & gentle embrace.
A love story that brought us to eachother, like no other love we ever had before.

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This Poems Story

This poem of the poet is about love, romance & with sincere heartfelt feelings for the love of his life & the woman of his dreams. All from the heart of a romantic. That i hope all will enjoy.