The Heart of a Woman

The heart of a woman does indeed understand the world.

It isn't something that is just all-feminine and part girl.

She is a powerful word in essence and meaning for true.

Because it represents her and the loving only she can do.

Women are more sensitive then men for one good reason.

It's because they know and understand Life's Season deeply.

When someone dies, they know, they have lost a Universe.

The pain for them genuinely hits home and is something worse.

It is the closing of a door on memories, good times, and more.

The heart of a woman mourns deeply for those loved and lost.

It is like, she, has physically been nailed to Jesus cross.

Her love is wounded beyond repair and may never fully heal.

She becomes devoid of emotion and someone not very real.

Nonetheless, she is healthy and resilient, throughout it all.

Her heart, as well as spirit, are indomitable and will not fall.

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    This Poems Story

    The story of this poetry is all about love and loss. I loved my mother and lost her. I now have to pick up the pieces, move on, and heal myself. The writing of this poem will help me achieve that goal.