The Heart of Being Creative

I want my crayons back!
What happened to being creative?
Let’s get crafty
Like little kids running with scissors
It’s kind of like patchwork
Or putting together puzzle pieces
Look around the World
What do you see lying around?
Pieces of art not in museums
Is the next best thing you could make
Have a child’s imagination
Make everything you see interesting
Make a craft
And use every last piece of your heart
Art is the honey
Gathered up on the wings of human sorrow
So what are you waiting for?
Don’t let the World take your freedom
You were created to create
And the heart of God is creative
So make your art with joyful glory
Un-bury your dreams from the dirty ground
Get out there and make somebody smile
Because that’s when the craft inside us really shines
Find your purpose
To give your heart to others
Because the bitter baker
Makes bread that won’t even feed one person
So follow your dreams with love and care
Unless you want to be stuck saying, “I want my crayons back,” forever

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