The Heights

You don't know the heights of love I would reach for you.
Give you the shoes off my feet, walk through fire and hell to be with you.
I would rather go without and give everything to you.
I'd rather cut my arm off and bleed for you.
Take the heart out my chest give it to you... because as long as you're alive I'm living too.
But you don't know about love, what it's all about
You've lived behind a cloud, your eyes all glossed out.
You only see chaos you only bring pain.
And yet I'm right there again and again.
Never took your shoes off and walked with me...
Your either way in front...way behind...but never right with me.
While I've countlessly tried to match your stride
You've never once made a sacrifice
You can say you did this and you did that
But honestly you know that's no skin off your back
Everything I've done has all been in vain because in your eyes it's nothing
And that's fucking insane!

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