The hell inside me

I will never ask you to be with me.
I know how hard is gonna be.
It's like living in the heaven then moving to the hell.

I won't beg you to fight for me, because you will lose yourself in trying.
Inside me you can find only demons looking for some soul to possess.

Why are you still here, why don't you go?
It's pointless to think you can change me.
It's like trying to turn the demon into angel or darkness into light.

Forgetting you will destroy me, but I will build myself again like I always do.
My reality will never be the same as yours.
Why are you not afraid of me Like you are supposed to be?

My darkness will kill both of us, but you don't deserve to die.
That was my destiny not yours.
If you really love me, say goodbye and let
me save you from this hell living within me.

If I can't give you my love at least i can set you free of your feelings, don't be mad at me.
I tried to make me and you "us" but
It's impossible demon to be with angel.

Someday we will meet again and I hope you don't hate me for doing everything to keep you alive.

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